McElderry Park is a community in the process of revitalization

“McElderry Park is a community in the process of revitalization and we are looking for residents and investors who want to be a part of our forward progress”.

The neighborhood is rich with assets to help us in our effort: – A strong community association and active group of stakeholders – Housing stock available at affordable prices – Two Community gardens, murals and restored lots – Community Resource Center and local libraries – Two Schools, several daycares and lots of afterschool programming partners – Monument St. shopping corridor and proximity to Northeast Market – Close to Hopkins, Patterson Park, Butchers Hill, the Highlandtown Farmers’ Market, Canton & Fells Point – Easy access to all major highways and routes.

McElderry Park is part of the East Monument Historic District. Development began in the area in the 1870’s. The district was the center of the city’s Bohemian immigrant community. Many of the two-story Neoclassical row houses in this area were built by a group of Bohemian builders, including Frank Novak. Frank Novak later became the city’s most prolific builder of reasonably priced two-story houses, concentrating his efforts in the eastern and southeastern sections of the city as industrial expansion brought even more jobs to this area. Construction in the neighborhood was essentially completed in 1926. Modern day organization of the community began in the 70’s by a group called NAG, Neighbors Against Grime. In 1985 the McElderry Park Community Association was formed.”


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