Recommended ‘New Business’ Resources

There is more opportunity nowadays than there ever has been in the history of western civilization to market and expand our businesses. However, with so many options out there, in regards to services and products that you can utilize to help grow our business, it can sometimes become a little confusing.

I figured it would be a good idea to put together a list of helpful resources that you can come back to regularly for your ‘new business’ needs. Because of this, I anticipate updating it often, so I strongly suggest you create it as a separate bookmark (hit Ctrl+D now!), for easy access in the future.

Disclaimer: Some of the links below are affiliate links. If you purchase through them, I might earn a commission, or be compensated in some way. However, please note that these are resources, tools, etc, that I’ve either used in the past, or continue to use personally; or come from helpful companies or individuals that I know and trust… That’s why I’m listing them here for you! If you click on any of ’em, thank you!

Support, Management, and Expert Advice


Hands of Support – My technology company. Since inception we’ve helped thousands of entrepreneurs and businesses bring calm to small business and technological chaos, by providing customized customer centric, technical solutions. If you’re looking for a solution that provides the technology support management and expert advice, this is where you need to go.


Freedom WheelsFreedom Wheels provides customers with quality, reliable, low-cost used cars while allowing customers to enjoy an informative, no-pressure, no-haggle, educated, and comfortable buying experience.

North American Power – As my gift to the planet, I switched to using renewable energy! You can too & earn income at the same time.

Building an Online Presence

WordPress -This is the only way to build your blog and business sites, as far as I’m concerned. Everything I do online is based around the WordPress platform. Easy to use, extremely customizable. Enough said.

Email Marketing and List Building

MailChimp More than 4 million people use MailChimp to design and send email marketing campaigns. Join them today.

Entrepreneurial Productivity

Dropbox – The quickest, easiest and most reliable way to share documents (written, photos, audio and video files) with your virtual assistants and co-online buddies and partners. I seriously use this thing almost hourly during my work day!

Evernote – Great note collector that can help you become super productive. Available on the web, iPad, iPhone and everywhere else where you need to make a note, clip something to read later and then move on. I love this thing




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