You Earn By What You Know, Not What To Do

An engineer was called to fix a computer very large and extremely complex … a computer worth $12 million. Sitting in front of the screen, tapped a few keys, nodded, muttered something to himself and turned it off. He proceeded to take a small screwdriver from his pocket and turned half to a tiny screw. Then the computer on again and found it was working perfectly.

The company president was delighted and offered to pay the bill on the spot.

– What do I owe? asked.

– It’s a thousand dollars, if you please.

– A thousand dollars? A thousand dollars for a few minutes work? A thousand dollars by simply pressing the little screw? I know that my computer costs $ 12 million, but a thousand dollars is a crazy amount! I will pay only if I send a detailed bill perfectly justifying it.

The engineer nodded and left.

The next morning, the President received the invoice, read it carefully, shook his head and proceeded to pay on the spot, without question.

The bill read:

Services provided:

Tighten a screw ……………………….. U.S. $1.00

Knowing which screw to tighten …. U.S. $999.00

For those professionals who daily face the disregard of those who by their own ignorance fail to understand.


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