Late Blooming Entrepreneurs

By Lynne Strang, Late Blooming Entrepreneurs

A common recommendation for aspiring and new entrepreneurs is to prepare a written business plan. But do they also need a “wellness plan”? According to Patti M. Hudson, the answer is yes.

Hudson is the founder of Patti Says, a Warrenton, Virginia-based coaching practice that offers workshops on health, stress management and other topics related to work/life balance. As someone who’s worn many entrepreneurial hats during her 30-year career in fitness and nutrition, she knows a thing or two about business ownership.

“I’ve always worked for myself,” she said. “While attending Boston University, my plan was to become a Ph.D. and save the world. Then I got married and had my first child when I was very young. That prompted me to create my own fitness routine and become an instructor.”

Hudson opened three New York studios and a boutique during the 80s, when the nation’s…

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