David Cummings on Startups

In the past, whenever evaluating a business opportunity, I’d focus on the one that was the lowest price or provided the highest return on investment, regardless of relationship. Over time, I came to realize that that wasn’t the best way to approach things. Life’s too short to work with people that don’t have the same values and don’t enjoy what they do. Now, I look for the right balance of business value and personal value.

In looking for a combination of business value and personal value, I’ve found that the best business relationships and deals are the easiest ones. Easy, in this case, means that they feel effortless. Both sides are working toward similar goals, have good chemistry, and trust each other. Whenever a relationship or deal feels forced, that’s often a sign that it should be further evaluated.

The best business relationships are the easiest ones.

What else? What…

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