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Q: How do you protect sensitive business data, customer information, and proprietary practices when accessing that data on a laptop, tablet, phablet, or smart phone?

A: Using common sense, good planning, and knowing what to do when a device is lost or stolen.

Let’s look at the risks associated with using mobile devices with sensitive work information:

  1. Laptops, tablets, phablets, or smartphones can get lost or stolen
  2. Someone accidentally downloads a virus or malware on the mobile device and then reconnects to the business’ central network, where the virus spreads to the company server & computers
  3. Confidential information is accidentally seen when showing your mobile device to a family member, friend, or co-worker
  4. Using an unsecured or public Wi-Fi network (available in many stores and airports) to transmit or download information
  5. Unattended mobile devices are seen and used by curious passers-by

These mobile device safeguards will help keep devices safe:

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