Information Technology /Online Training


Online / Cybersecurity Training

The TEEX/NERRTC Cyber Security online courses are designed to ensure that the privacy, reliability, and integrity of the information systems that power our global economy remain intact and secure. These DHS/FEMA-certified courses are offered through three discipline-specific tracks targeting general, non-technical computer users, technical IT professionals, and business managers and professionals.

Benefits of eLearning Courses

Study at Your Own Pace

Earn Continuing Education Credits

Print Certificates Online

Awareness Level Courses (Online)

AWR-111-W Basic EMS Concepts for WMD Incidents

AWR-160-W WMD/Terrorism Awareness for Emergency First Responders

Select the course below to begin your training

Non-Technical / General User Technical / IT Professional Managers and Business Professionals
AWR-175-W Information Security for Everyone
AWR-173-W Information Security Basics
AWR-176-W Business Information Continuity
AWR-174-W Cyber Ethics
AWR-178-W Secure Software and Network Assurance AWR-177-W Information Risk Management
AWR-168-W Cyber Law and White Collar Crime
AWR-138-W Network Assurance
AWR-169-W Cyber Incident Analysis and Report
AWR-139-W Digital Forensics Basics

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Awareness Level Courses (Jurisdiction)

AWR-136 Essentials of Community Cyber Security

Performance Level Courses (Jurisdiction)

Management and Planning Level Courses (Jurisdiction)

MGT-384 The EOC’s Role in Community Cyber Security

MGT-385 Community Cyber Security Exercise Planning


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