Small Business IT Radio

Small Business IT Radio

Small Business IT Radio – I will be hosting a twice a month internet based radio show for Small Business Professionals and Entrepreneurs called Small Business IT Radio.

Each episode I interview a thought leader or expert on a wide range of topics related to small business personal or professional growth – all past shows will be saved


Hands of Support – Hands of Support was founded in 2009 by Kevin Harding (

Started originally to address the needs of small businesses, Kevin quickly realized that the need for quality Technology Development and technology resources was much broader. Hands of Support continues to gain popularity as the company moves to expand offerings to customized solutions, workshops, and training.

Our Vision: To create and connect a global network of professionals striving for individual personal and professional excellence.

The Mission: Our mission is to provide quality training, connection opportunities, as well as access to valuable resources thereby empowering our partners to achieve personal and professional growth.

Host Details: Small Business IT Radio is hosted by Kevin S. Harding. Kevin has a passion for personal and professional technology development. He is the founder and President of Hands of Support. In addition he is a corporate training specialist, a solutions provider and consultant. Learn more and follow Kevin on Twitter ( or Facebook (

Core Values

Continuous Learning – Having a focus on continual improvement through acquiring new knowledge and skills to make ourselves more competitive and valuable in the marketplace

Connecting with Others – People are the number one asset in any organization so building, quality, long-lasting and a prosperous relationship is one of our core values.

By reaching out and connecting with those around us, we can benefit from our collective knowledge, skills, time, resources and expertise.

Personal and Professional Growth– To set and achieve specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound goals and encourage one another.


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