Monitoring & Analyzing the Social Intelligence Environment (SIE) in Support of Law Enforcement & Intelligence Operations

Introduction to TACTrend Social Media Monitoring

The rise of Apple iOS and Android mobile and tablet technologies, coupled with the immense growth of social networking websites, means a wealth of publicly available internet data is being created each and every day. With this information out there and readily available, Law Enforcement (LE) and intelligence experts created a plan to design a solution that could actively monitor and analyze this data which could provide them foresight into proactively fighting crime and terrorism.

Our world is on the verge of the fifth and most intense technological revolution which will move beyond mere “information” and become “hybrid” as it combines with a host of other technology areas. “Social Networking” is having a profound global effect on human culture and the way people communicate, collaborate, and interact. As a result, social media websites can also provide a forum for criminals and terrorists to connect and collaborate. This social spectrum within the internet is referred to as the “Social Intelligence Environment” (SIE). As criminals and terrorists continue to evolve technologically, our LE and intelligence agencies had to also adapt to these same technologies in order to maintain a tactical and strategic advantage.

As a result, TACTrend was invented and developed by former LE and special operations personnel. It has evolved over the past two years, and is being used by Federal, State, and local LE agencies. Built on open standard software technologies and the ability to be integrated easily with other legacy computer applications, it is both affordable and effortless to use.

TACTrend stands for “Tactical Social Trending” and is now the leading social network monitoring and analytics solution. It is delivered as a secure, web-based application through cloud technology. Legally approved by Federal government counsel, it augments a full range of LE operations including “Predictive and Intelligent Policing.”

DOWNLOAD WHITE PAPER > Tactical-Trending-White-Paper

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